Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Planning

Okay, I don't really heart wedding planning. I love a big party! I love party planning, throwing, dreaming up and putting together ... but weddings are too much for me (the stress level makes my eyes explode). HOWEVER, if I were a wedding planner I would suggest that my brides-to-be checked out Kate Spade's new line Wedding Bells and Whistles because their stuff is super pretty, girly and lady-like! Maybe not wedding day attire, but from the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner and everything in between, Kate has you covered.

Dress, $475
Look at the pink tights and turquoise shoes ... heart!

Dress, $375

Pink Tights are only $30 (and they are dotted)

It's a clutch, and $325

Coin Purse, $275

Heal, $325

Ring, $55

"MRS" Necklace, $78

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Books, Libraries, Book Shelves and evidentially Strand Bookstore :)

In the far far away land there is a kingdom called New York City. This kingdom has nearly everything your heart could ever desire: delightful shoppes, delicious bakeries, enchanting theaters and beautiful art galleries. But there is a place here that surpasses all of that, a place where magic and wonder live on the pages of books and at the 18 miles of shelves. It is a place called Strand Books and I would like to live there. Seriously, they attest to having 18 miles of new and used books, books in and out of print, rare books, ordinary books ... 

I'm not sure anything is ordinary about this store. Possibly the coolest thing is that they will design your library for you. If you are part of the elite (or not, but it really isn't all that cost effective) you can order a service to come in and set up a whole library for you. Buying different themes (like old leather, art books, coffee table books, novels, new classics, and so forth) by the foot they will equip your library to have every treasure you could imagine. I already have many, many feet of books, but I'd love to have this done for me ... hey, I'd love to go and do it for others. What qualifications do you need for a position such as this one I wonder?

I cannot wait until I'm in New York to go here ... I'm going to have to dedicate a whole afternoon :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


There is no denying it ... I'm attracted to brains, glasses, nerdy t-shirts and guys that can make me look dumb in conversation (that is totally messed up) ... I just can't help it, I HEART NERDS. I was wearing my new Hello Kitty I Heart Nerds earrings and hair clips today (I'm such a fangirl) and thinking about how cool nerdy people are. So, being in a nerdy mood (must be from school starting this week) I just had to look at the fun stuff on Etsy and this is what I came up with. 


This is hilarious 

(I seriously can't even pick a favorite here, I <3 them all)

Seriously, Boarders is such a bad place for me to go into,
I literally limit myself to three books each time

Heart this, Heart Snow White, Heart Nerdy Interpretations of Everything :)

Who wants to be like everyone else? Cheerleaders ... ick

I heart Sheldon :)

You don't even want to know how many Grammar books I own
... it's embarrassing

... hehehehehe

(seriously, $35?)

I miss those commercials ... and the knockoffs suck

So very true

Get it? Bahaha

Seriously, there isn't a thing on here that I wouldn't buy ... okay, maybe the Beard t-shirt, but only because I don't have one and it would be a little too dorky to wear around ... and Nerds are different than Dorks dontcha know :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ryan Korban - Designer

As we know (from past experiences) I sorta like well designed rooms. Some designers (really, I mean SOME, as in not many) actually understand how to put a room together and they turn out so nicely. That is how I feel about Ryan Korban. He is young, hip and can really make a space sing while keeping them so individual. His website states, "We want our spaces to be attractive and inspirational, but nevertheless an escape. It is an entree to a language that will last a lifetime. Tradition for a new kind of traditionalist." How beautifully said, and how beautiful they look. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Great Party: Who is Throwing One?

Is in a mood for a great party. But it isn't about the part, it is about the whole event ... and the clothes .... maybe it is mostly the clothes. I can imagine them, in all their ruffly glory, gliding in the room with red soled shoes and dripping in rhinestones and steams up the back of my hose. The idea of every eye in the room on you ... so many it isn't about the event at all, it is only about the clothes. 

Look One: Fancy Dinner Date

Look 2: Out with friends

Look 3: The Ballet

The Goring

The Goring Hotel in London, England celebrated it's 100th Anniversary last year. Now, many businesses can claim the same, but can they also say that they have been in the same family for all of that time? The Goring was first brought to my attention when it made The Blue Fish's Best of the Best List and I've been salivating over it ever since. From the little woolen sheep in each beautiful guest room, to the historic building, to the exquisite gardens the whole place has me all excited. It is divine, and I cannot wait until I'm in London to check it out for myself. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Exclusive Clubs

After a super long first day of grad school I need a mind break and what I found (while watching TV of all things, I learned something) is mind blowing! Did you know that there is a secret club in Disneyland? The Happiest Place on Earth has an exclusive restaurant called Club 33. Located at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square Walt Disney himself designed a private dining room shrouded in mystery. Few know it is there, even fewer are lucky enough to be invited in. As it stands currently, there is a 14 year waiting list to be invited to join the club. If you are lucky (and patient) enough to wait that out, the Invitation Fee and yearly dues might just scare you off. But, if you are a true fan (with a little spending money) you might just find yourself a member of one of the most exclusive clubs around. It does include unlimited passes to the park, valet parking and you can invite up to 9 of your best friends to dine with you. However, you are still paying for your food and drinks. In the end, I would totally spend the money to have a membership to Walt Disney's oh-so-private Club 33.

For more information (and all the dirty details on joining the wait list and the current fees associated with the club, go here to the Unofficial Club 33 Page)

And since so few people can even go there, there are even fewer decent pictures, but I hope you enjoyed these :)