Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Planning

Okay, I don't really heart wedding planning. I love a big party! I love party planning, throwing, dreaming up and putting together ... but weddings are too much for me (the stress level makes my eyes explode). HOWEVER, if I were a wedding planner I would suggest that my brides-to-be checked out Kate Spade's new line Wedding Bells and Whistles because their stuff is super pretty, girly and lady-like! Maybe not wedding day attire, but from the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner and everything in between, Kate has you covered.

Dress, $475
Look at the pink tights and turquoise shoes ... heart!

Dress, $375

Pink Tights are only $30 (and they are dotted)

It's a clutch, and $325

Coin Purse, $275

Heal, $325

Ring, $55

"MRS" Necklace, $78

1 comment:

  1. Now all you need is to marry a filthy rich guy and you can afford all that stuff! (Seriously? $275 for the coin purse? Where is Lizz Hearts A Good Deal?? :P)