Saturday, April 2, 2011

Books, Libraries, Book Shelves and evidentially Strand Bookstore :)

In the far far away land there is a kingdom called New York City. This kingdom has nearly everything your heart could ever desire: delightful shoppes, delicious bakeries, enchanting theaters and beautiful art galleries. But there is a place here that surpasses all of that, a place where magic and wonder live on the pages of books and at the 18 miles of shelves. It is a place called Strand Books and I would like to live there. Seriously, they attest to having 18 miles of new and used books, books in and out of print, rare books, ordinary books ... 

I'm not sure anything is ordinary about this store. Possibly the coolest thing is that they will design your library for you. If you are part of the elite (or not, but it really isn't all that cost effective) you can order a service to come in and set up a whole library for you. Buying different themes (like old leather, art books, coffee table books, novels, new classics, and so forth) by the foot they will equip your library to have every treasure you could imagine. I already have many, many feet of books, but I'd love to have this done for me ... hey, I'd love to go and do it for others. What qualifications do you need for a position such as this one I wonder?

I cannot wait until I'm in New York to go here ... I'm going to have to dedicate a whole afternoon :)

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