Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About Me - The First Top Ten

It may seem that I don't know what I'm doing ... well that is because I probably don't. It isn't a joke, I'm just trying to create a collection of things I love. Want to know if we're on the same page? Well, first of all I'm using appropriate contractions and grammar (unless you catch an error, then I was NOT an English Major),   so hopefully that makes us immediate friends, but if that isn't enough, then let's cover some basic. My Personal Top Ten (obviously these are frivolous, otherwise my family would def be in the list):

My Phone. Um, I don't think this needs introducing, but just in case, I'm addicted to my iPhone (and it's only the 3GS). There isn't a thing about it I dislike (okay, that's a lie, I'd love love love a real key pad) and I can't go an hour without it in my hand, purse or pocket. 

Philosophy. Who wouldn't want to wash their hair with Candy Hearts, use Hope in a Jar every day and make their skin brighter, lighter and tighter with Turbo Booster. I'm a Philosophy girl at heart and truly adore all of their products ... they pretty much rock my socks off. 

Pinterest. Because I love being able to collect anything and everything. It saves me from crashing a computer because I save anything and everything. I can find where I got the pictures from. It is brilliant, utterly brilliant. Did I mention that is it like a brand new glossy magazine that is new every day? Because it is.

Books. Choosing a favorite would be like deciding if I rather breath or eat for the rest of my life, it would be too painful to go without one of those. I like books, bookshelves, dusty books, old books, new books, blogs on books, long stories, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, even dictionaries (don't ask me how many I own, it would be embarrassing at this point).

Cupcakes. I know, they are all "faddy" now, but I really, truly love them. I've made several hundred dozen of them, my whole kitchen is decorated with them, and I even have a dog named, Zac ... and one named Cupcake. 

Sharpies. Um, this isn't silly, you can do anything with a Sharpie (my favorite thing is "temporary" tattoos) and they come in a million colors. I heart heart heart Sharpies ... office supplies in general ... but Sharpies are the best. 

Bows. From Hello Kitty size to Little Girl size, I nearly always have one in my hair. I own a drawer full of them. I can't stop buying them. They look good with everything.

Leather Purses. They are just better than other purses. They are richer, more luxurious. They last longer. They look nicer. I just like them more and the more broken in they become, the better they are. 

Hulu. If they ever went away or (gasp) started charging, I'd just about die. How else would I catch up on all the TV I miss while working my fingers down to the bone?

Mac. Apple. My computer is awesome. I couldn't live without it and wouldn't even think of trying. My friends go on "electronic fasts" and I laugh evilly, I would fail, which I'm okay with. 

Other "Notables": Facebook (who isn't addicted to this site?), craft supplies (another addiction of mine), my unicorn Pillow Pet, luxury day planners ... oh the list goes on and on, stay tuned :) 

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