Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Fashion week is always full of drama, glamour, and ... sometimes very interesting outfits. This makes me think of all of the "crazy" dressers that we have gotten used to, I mean, who didn't expect Lady Gaga to show up to the Grammy's in a giant egg? Even if you don't love Betsey Johnson, Prince Poppycock, or Lady Gaga, you have to appreciate their moxie.

Lady Gaga, upon arrival to the 2011 Grammy's.

Prince Poppycock, looking at fabulous as usual. 

Prince Poppycock ... again. You may ask why two pictures, that's simple, I like him.

Lady Gaga rocking that uber cute, channeling Hello Kitty, hair bow. 

Betsey Johnson, the woman who can rock it all, does summersaults, beats cancer ... she is my fashion hero.

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