Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Disney Love Story ...

When I was a little girl I pictured my wedding happening in Disneyland. Seriously, I wanted Mickey as the officiant and to be standing at the steps of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Now, although people do get married in Disneyland all of the time (I think I'd rather save that money for a fantastic trip, or something a little more tangible than Mickey Mouse being in the audience), I think that Alfred Angelo's new Disney Collection is a much better interpretation of the whole Disney Wedding (and maybe less cheesy).

Sleeping Beauty



I could picture myself in any one of these gowns. I love love the skirt on Sleeping Beauty's dress (is is layers upon layers upon layers of shreaded tulle. Tiana's dress reminds me of Gwen Stephani's dress, which is probably the most beautiful wedding dress of all time. Finally, Cinderella's dress has jewels sewn all throughout the skirt. All of these give the princess feel, how can you resist?

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  1. The second one is my fav but I could totally see you wearing any one of them :)