Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Parisian Life For Me

When I think of Paris I have this very romanticized notion of what life is like there. The people eat delish pastries every morning, rich foods for dinner, they go to the Opera on the weekend and to the museum during lunch breaks. They don't take their history for granted and they live in old, gorgeous buildings with lavish furnishings and old art on every wall. Now I know that this simply isn't the way that Paris is, there are many modern (dare I say, Americanized) parts of the city and the people that live there are more normal than I would care to imagine. However, if I were to get to spend some time there I'd like to rent a place like this. It is what I imagine Parisian college students live in while they are earning degrees in dance, art and literature. 

The living/bedroom, I love the slanted ceiling, those drapes and the whole decor here.

The edge of the living/bedroom where the "dining room" is.

The kitchen, it's so cute and tiny ... but who is cooking?

The balcony, I think that this makes the apartment.

This adorable place rents (fully decorated) for 850euros per week and 1500e per month. You can check out all the details on this (and many, many others) here

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